There’s nothing worse than a Wellington Winter plumbing emergency. And, if you’re a property manager or owner such emergencies will require attention as soon as possible. So, when an emergency strikes who’s number will you call?

As a landlord, the last thing you want is to be awakened in the middle of the night with your tenant panicking about a burst pipe or a blocked toilet. Such calls are always dreadful and can be easily avoidable. Unless you have a professional plumber on speed dial we know you’ll be frantically searching for a Wellington Plumbing professional who can attend to your emergency at an ungodly hour. But, when a crisis hits count on the Plumbspec plumbers to give you a helping hand.


The team at Plumbspec attends to many plumbing emergencies across the Wellington region. From gas leaks to clogged toilets, the team at Plumbspec has seen it all. So, simply contact our professional Wellington plumbers to let them know about your plumbing emergency and we’ll send out a professional plumber as soon as possible.  Rest assured knowing your plumbing emergency will be handled by certified licensed plumbers who can handle your emergency professionally.


Don’t want to play the middle man?

We know being the middle man can be annoying. Corresponding between your tenant and plumbers can be confusing and not to mention time-consuming. Streamline the process by cutting out the middle man.

Solve any plumbing problem by simply providing your tenants with your preferred emergency plumber- Plumbspec.  Having a preferred emergency plumber allows you  (as the landlord) to continue with your plans while your emergency is being handled by professional plumbers. When a crisis hits your tenants will know exactly who to call leaving you informed but rest assured.


Plumbspec is proud to offer emergency plumbing services and maintenance to properties throughout the Wellington region. However, to avoid such emergencies the team at Plumbspec recommends that landlords regularly check drains and gas systems. Routined checks by a Wellington plumber and gas fitter will ensure you are saving money and time. Book in your Wellington residential or commercial property for a professional plumbing check today.