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Book a 10 minute face-to-face video session with our team and one of our qualified plumbers will talk you through your emergency plumbing repair, professional advice for ONLY $30.

There are some small plumbing repairs you can do on your own home (please read our disclaimer below for more information on what homeowners can and can’t do lawfully). We are here to talk you through the process via a zoom meeting or a video call so we can see the problem and give you further advice. In these times of economic uncertainty this could be a big cost-saver for your household, as our minimum callout fee is $100 + gst.

All you need to do is click the link below to pay for a session of up to 10 minutes, and choose whether you would prefer a zoom meeting or a whatsapp or video call, and what time you would like us to call. We will receive an email notification as soon your payment has been made. We will then text you to confirm the details, and proceed from there to the face-to-face consult.

During the consulting session, if we find that the repair can’t be done legally by the homeowner, we will credit the $30 fee off any following work done by PlumbSpec.

Book a 10 minute session Now (Only $30)
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The golden rule is that any work that involves sanitary plumbing or potable water supply must be carried out by a licensed plumber.

These include work such as

  • The installation of sanitary fixtures and appliances (e.g. toilets, sinks, showers)
  • The installation of the pipes and fittings that supply water to those sanitary fixtures and appliances
  • The installation of the associated traps, waste or soil pipes, ventilation pipes and overflow pipes connected with those fixtures

All Gasfitting work MUST be done by a certified gasfitter.

Clearing a drain blockage can be done by anyone, however, whenever a drain is opened up, altered, reconstructed, extended or repaired then this work can only be legally undertaken by a licensed drainlayer.

We highly recommend that any temporary repairs done by the homeowner, of leaking waterpipes, roof or guttering are checked by our team as soon as possible after the repair.

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