Nothing beats a warm and cozy house in the thick of winter. However, if your heating systems aren’t up to par when the chill arrives, you’ll be genuinely freezing.

So, before we enter the official New Zealand winter the team at Plumbspec has a few quick tips to make sure your gas heating is ready for winter.


First off, do you regularly get your gas heater serviced? 

Most manufacturers recommend a service is necessary at least once every year to ensure the appliance’s longevity and functionality. It is important to note that only a licensed gas fitter should service your heater. In New Zealand, gas fitting can only be carried out by tradespeople who are certified and authorised to do so. Avoid issues down the line. Contact the Wellington professionals at Plumbspec for your residential gas fitting and servicing.


How often do you clean your gas filters?

We’re all guilty of leaving this on the back burner. Until your gas heating fails on you, not many care to think about their filters. Ensure you regularly clean the gas filters during the winter months to provide clean and continuous airflow. Cleaning your filters will ensure fewer breakdowns occur plus saving you on your back pocket. Clean your filters by vacuuming the dust-out. You can then wash your filters with water and detergent and leave them to air dry before fixing them back into your gas heater.


Smell Gas?

It’s important to check how your heater is running. During the summer months,  gas heaters tend to be out of use. Thus, it is vital you check how your gas heater runs before winter kicks in. If you ever smell gas, turn the gas at your gas bottle valve and do not turn it back on until you’ve had it checked by one of our licensed Wellington gas fitters at Plumbspec.


Beat the chill this winter! Contact one of our Wellington Plumbers at Plumbspec for a chat about servicing or installing a gas heater in your home this winter. Get in touch at 0800 232 650.