It’s chilly out there, and we bet now is the time your gas appliances are being used to the max! But, with heavy usage comes wear and tear. If your gas solutions are playing up in the thick of winter or, you’re interested in getting gas work done at your place you’ll want to keep on reading.

Do’s & Don’ts of Gasfitting

It is pretty Kiwi of us to tackle a home project on our own. But it’s important to note that gas work should be left to the professionals. The most important thing for us as plumbers, gasfitters, and drain layers is ensuring that you know what you can and cannot do. When it’s safe the team at PlumbSpec is more than happy to advise you on how you can tackle a job on your own. However, gas fitting is certainly NOT one of those jobs. Gas fitting is a regulated trade that requires a qualified professional to undertake the work.  The best thing you can do is contact a professional Wellington gas fitter to attend to your job. Doing so will ensure your job is handled correctly and safely.


Choosing a Wellington Gasfitter

Don’t have a dedicated Wellington gasfitter? Here are a few tips that will help you narrow your search.


  1. Licensed & certified: The most important thing you can do is ensuring that your gas fitter is authorised, licensed, and certified to carry out your job. You should feel confident in asking to see their authorisation card and checking the validity. To double confirm, you can also search the license number of your chose gasfitter on the public register.


  1. Online testimonials: Reviews are one of the best ways to ensure your gas fitter conducts quality and satisfactory work. Their website, Facebook and Google reviews are all good places where you can get social proof from previous customers.


  1. Get in contact: Contact a Gasfitter who is reliable, has great communication, and is skilled and equipped to do your job. There’s nothing worse than waiting around, so ensure your gas fitter communicates when they can attend to your job and how much it will approximately cost.


The PlumbSpec Gasfitters

For all your Wellington Gas fitting requirements PlumbSpec is the team to call! Plumbspec employs licensed and qualified gas fitters to work in our team of plumbers and drain fitters. Our gas fitting services cover a range of gas installations and repairs for residential and commercial gas needs. Some of which include:


  • Gas hot water installation & repair
  • Home heating installs
  • Gas fireplace installs
  • Gas appliance maintenance, repair, or installation- stoves, ovens, cooktops
  • Gas bayonet fitting
  • General gas


Don’t see the gas service you require? Give our team a call, we’d love to help. The Plumbspec team has developed a strong reputation in the wider Wellington region for providing high-quality gas repairs and installations at competitive prices.  Get in touch with our team today on 0800 232 650