Wellington Commercial Plumbing Project: Cleat Street townhouses

  There appears to be a new subdivision or townhouse development in every corner of Wellington these days. And projections show that more than 7000 new homes will be built in the Wellington region in the next two years! With so many Wellington housing developments come more commercial plumbing projects [...]


New Plumbing Project – Aotea Childcare Centre

This month we put the finishing touches on our plumbing work for the Aotea Childcare Centre in Wellington! This was an awesome project that came out looking amazing. One of the key challenges we faced was good old Wellington rock (see photos below), but even that was no match for [...]


Sustainable Plumbing for Wellington Homes

If you're planning on building a new home, you may be looking at ways to make your home eco-friendly. Sustainable homes are the newest thing, with many people opting for non-toxic building materials, renewable energy sources, and high-efficiency appliances. However, it’s rarely ever that people think about sustainable plumbing. Sustainable [...]


Beyond Wellington plumbing emergencies: what we do 

A professional Wellington plumber sees more than just burst pipes and blocked toilets in his or her lifetime. Working with drains doesn’t always have to be a job performed due to an emergency. Our professional Wellington plumbing and drainlaying services are expansive and sometimes quite exciting, especially in the two [...]


Servicing Wellington during Alert Level 4 – Things to know

With New Zealander's entering back into a COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, we know the strain on your home's plumbing, drainage and heating systems will be more than usual. Additional use of such systems can lead to various failures. Thankfully, the team at Plumbspec can come to the rescue. Under Level [...]

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