It’s conservation week here in New Zealand, and what better way for your local Wellington plumbers to celebrate than letting you in on a few handy water-conservation secrets that you can put into effect in your home today! Water conservation in your home can be helpful to both the environment…and your wallet – especially if you have water rates to pay!

Here are a few anti-water-waste tips to try in your Wellington home:

Watering the garden

If you’ve got a hose out back, always ensure that the nozzle is positioned on the grass: water is bound to leak out now and then, so why not see it going back into the garden rather than wasted on the concrete.

Also, with summer coming up, you should ensure that you do your garden watering before or after noon. Any watering you do in the hot sunshine will be almost instantly evaporated – meaning hardly any will actually go toward keeping those plants green! The cool hours of the evening and morning are the perfect times to water!

Bathroom water awareness

These tips get passed around commonly, but if you aren’t putting them into effect already…today is the day for you to start!

When you’re brushing your teeth, don’t go leaving that faucet running while you brush! Keep it off until you’re ready to rinse to save yourself some unnecessarily wasted water.

As for showers, get an efficient routine going wherein you’re using your running-water-time well. Consider soaping while your shampoo or conditioner are in – two tasks at a time can save up to ten minutes of running water, and that’s saving you power too if it’s heated!

Keeping water wastage to a minimum in the kitchen

If you’re washing the dishes, ensure that everyone in your home is stacking that dishwasher as efficiently as a well-played game of Tetris! Don’t run the washer over and over again for handfuls of items, and ensure that the dishes have been well-rinsed before running them through to avoid those pesky re-runs!

Just steamed or boiled yourself a lovely pot of veggies? Hold that water! Don’t waste it by tossing it down the drain – toss it into the garden instead. Your plants will appreciate it more than your plumbing!

We hope that you enjoy the remainder of conservation week. If you have any plumbing concerns regarding water saving, don’t hesitate to call the Wellington plumbing team at PlumbSpec for more handy tips today!