Fun fact: while most people assume that rainy winters are the worst enemy of your pipes, it turns out that summer can actually prove the provided or more damage then we tend to realise! That’s right, even in the warm ‘dry’ season, your plumbing in Wellington can be severely compromised. The worst part: we can’t blame it on the weather, because we’re the problem!

But don’t despair, because a little common sense and preparation will see your Wellington plumbing system survive the hot holiday season:

Vacating your home for the holidays

If you’re taking a trip to the bach, go ahead and save yourself several dollars by turning down/off your water heater. This conserves energy, and preserves the life of your water heater. Did you know that water heaters actually have a fairly short lifespan? The average water heater tank lasts roughly 7-10 years, so if yours is getting on in years, feel free to get in touch with your local Wellington plumber.

The team at Plumbspec are experienced in all things water-heating, and can tell if your heating system needs replacement or just a little TLC.

Bin, don’t drain!

Please note: you should avoid washing foods down your drain at all costs. Flushing food down the drain is just asking for trouble, so take the extra second or two of effort to scrape your scraps into the bin, and save your drains packing up in the future.

Extra heat means extra laundry

In the summer we find ourselves doing so many extra loads a week: be it for sweaty washing, or those ten-dozen towels the kids keep using and leaving outside by the paddling pool! Because your machine is going through a lot of extra effort, it might just be struggling behind the scenes. You can call in your plumber in Wellington or Lower Hutt to check up on your washing machine pipes and ensure that they are in proper working order, or replace them if necessary.


Each season brings a bunch of new challenges, but with a little plumbing smarts, preparation, and a reliable plumber in Wellington you can keep your plumbing in pristine condition no matter what the weather!