Wellington plumbingThey might not be as prominently positioned in our daily lives as carpets and paint, but your home’s pipes and plumbing are essentially the lifeblood-carrying veins of the property. Just like the veins in your body, your pipework and drains need to be kept healthy and free of blockages or damage. If you neglect your pipes – the ‘medical bills’ are going to be steeper in the long run.

This is especially important in cities like Wellington, where our homes are a little older and our pipework has seen better years. Plumbers in Wellington are constantly kept busy as they are called to mend old, decaying plumbing and gasfittings. What starts as a leaky faucet or a cracked drain becomes more drainage drama than any homeowner was prepared for. It should be a commonly know fact that repairs are always more expensive than maintenance.

With a lot of homes undergoing a high turnover of tenants we so often forget that maintaining healthy drains should be our priority before we focus our efforts upon redoing the carpets and curtains.

Unfortunately, by the time a tenant calls their property owner, and the property owner manages to call and book a local Wellington plumber, the repairs tend to become ever complicated and expensive. Instead of maintaining a healthy drain with the odd upgrade here and there, plumbers will need to wade through a flooded garden or home to hunt for and replace broken pipework.

Wellington drainage and Wellington gasfitting issues are the kind that become more complicated over time. The longer you leave them unchecked, the longer they could take to fix when something inevitably goes wrong. Plumbing problems are a simple fact of life! But luckily the professionals at PlumbSpec have been around long enough to know how to handle such situations.