The PlumbSpec like to start our first article of 2020 by wishing our readers a safe and happy New Year! Whether you’re building or renovating your home in the New Year (or new decade, for that matter) we’d like to encourage you to consider a few more convenient and environmentally conscious choices when it comes time to form your Wellington plumbing design. 


In today’s article, we’d like to introduce you to the coolest new system for wastewater treatment in Wellington. We believe this system will solve so many problems for property owners while offering an option that’s outstandingly environmentally friendly. 

It’s called the BioCycle Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems, and it’s taking on Wellington by storm! That’s right, the Wellington plumbing and drainage professionals at PlumbSpec are going to be installing BioCycle systems all over our cool little capital! 

Here’s some more information about this fabulous system…


What is the BioCycle Domestic Wastewater Treatment System? 

The BDWTS is a revolutionary aerated wastewater treatments system.

This lean, clean home sewerage machine is an absolute marvel of sanitary engineering. With a design inspired by the simple (yet effective) laws of nature, the BDWTS effortlessly digests your solid waste and uses a controlled natural process to purify the wastewater. This clean, odourless, disinfected water is then recycled through garden drippers, sprinklers or a subsurface irrigation system.

Under other, more outdated septic tank conditions, you would usually find that all the water used in your house was fed through a septic tank to gravel pits and then wasted.

The BioCycle natural process method for treating sewage and sullage from domestic residential dwellings is based on the age-old principle of separating solids from liquids. In doing so, this revolutionary system allows anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) to digest the waste.

This natural process of treatment has provided a cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternative to the disposal of wastewater.


Who will install my BioCycle System?

The highly-skilled and professionally trained team at PlumbSpec are experienced and equipped to install the BioCycle system in Wellington. We believe you’ll love this fresh, effortlessly functional new system. What better way to start the new year and new build than with new thinking and a clever system installed by a team of professionally trained Wellington plumbers and drainlayers at PlumbSpec!