Ask your Wellington Plumber to install an outdoor shower

Ask your Wellington Plumber to install an outdoor shower

Most would think that calls made to the team at Plumbspec would be limited to Wellington plumbing emergencies and issues. Not so, we’ll have you know! We are delighted to let you know that our services extend to Wellington plumbing installations of the fun, fashionable kind. In today’s blog, we’ll detail one of our favourite Wellington plumbing projects, which we highly recommend for any Wellingtonians living near the sea.


Installing an outdoor shower in Wellington for your beach-side home

We all know that sand has a habit of getting absolutely everywhere, and one trip to the beach can spread sand all over your home. To avoid vacuuming and cleaning out the shower every time you come back from the beach, you can install a shower in the garden.

Your outdoor shower can be as simple or luxurious as you like?

  • Have a detachable outdoor shower so you can bring the head all the way down to your feet for a sandy-foot rinse
  • Add walls and a towel cupboard for privacy and a total after-ocean clean
  • Have your Wellington plumber install a stormwater drainage system under your shower, or collect the water to use on your garden plants
  • Sit the showerhead as a simple pole on the wall of your home over some grass or concrete

Whatever your wish, a plumber in Wellington on the Plumbspec team can make it happen.

Pro tip: this is an especially good feature for a home that you are renting. If your home sees a high turnover of renters and you live by the beach, giving them somewhere to wash off before walking indoors will insure the longevity and cleanliness of your home (especially if you have carpets).

Perfect for pets

Living in Island bay, Oriental Bay or Lyall bay, you’ll know that the end of each day sees dozens of dog walkers out and about with their happy pooches pouncing along the beach. Sometimes the dogs will delight themselves in an ocean dip, too, giving the dry sand on the beach the opportunity of wet fur to stick to. So where does all that sand go? Surely not sprayed away with a hose (especially in the middle of a long cold winter).

Your Wellington plumber has the solution: installing an outdoor shower. Warm water flowing directly into a well-installed Wellington drain outside will wash away the sand and dirt comfortably from your dog. You can even shampoo your pooch while you’re at it, and let them run around and dry off naturally before coming back inside clean and ready for cuddles.

Get in touch with the team at Plumbspec to get a quote for your outdoor shower in Wellington today!



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