Flushable wet wipes might be a go-to item in your household, but did you know they’re one of the leading causes of blocked drains in the world? The truth is that these wipes are simply not as flushable as companies might have you believe. In fact, some countries are actually petitioning to have the word ‘flushable’ removed from the packaging on these wipes, because the blockages they cause to both residential and industrial-sized drains is getting out of hand. 

Take it from a Wellington plumber: flushable wipes aren’t flushable, but they’re definitely blockable. 


Why aren’t wet wipes flushable? 

The trouble that Wellington plumbing experts find with wet wipes is that they simply don’t break down. Not like toilet paper, at least. Many wet wipe brands also pump their products full of chemicals that ward off helpful types of bacteria that might usually have broken them down – this is how wet wipes are able to exist in landfills for years. That being the case, what hope would you assume sewers might have against these practically indestructible wipes? 


Can I use paper towels instead? 

Look, we know things might get grim in the TP department, but that won’t leave any excuse for flushing paper towels or even tissues down your toilet. Wellington plumbers can attest to the fact that these materials won’t break down in the same manner as toilet paper – paper towels can sit for months in a toilet, and will bunch together to form blockages that will only cost you more in the long run when one of our Wellington plumbers is called in to fix things. 


Save yourself from a potential Wellington plumbing emergency: stick to the basics 

Stick to human waste and toilet paper only when flushing anything down the loo – the thinner the ply, the better! Be sure to watch this space for more Wellington drainlaying and plumbing advice!