Installing an Outdoor sink? No worries for our Wellington Plumbers

Summer is right around the corner which means barbecue season is back! New Zealand’s favourite pastime means more afternoons and evenings will be spent outdoors cooking, entertaining and the kids running around with bunch-o-balloons.  It’s rare to find a kiwi family that doesn’t own a BBQ. Most Kiwi’s believe having [...]


Bathroom renovations: Some tips from a Wellington Master Plumber: 

Planning a Wellington bathroom renovation? Not sure where to start when it comes to designing the space or styling the place? The Wellington plumbing experts at PlumbSpec always suggest starting with the shower! In today’s article, we’ll tell you why…   A Wellington shower installation takes up the most space  [...]


Our winter gas fitting deal is back again!

As we find ourselves layering up a lot more than usual, it’s safe to say that Wellington’s famously bitter winter has returned for another season. After spending a lot of extra time at home, there’s a really good chance you’ve been thinking seriously about your heating system. It might be [...]


Flushable wipes won’t save you in a TP crisis 

Flushable wet wipes might be a go-to item in your household, but did you know they’re one of the leading causes of blocked drains in the world? The truth is that these wipes are simply not as flushable as companies might have you believe. In fact, some countries are actually [...]


Beyond Wellington plumbing emergencies: what we do 

A professional Wellington plumber sees more than just burst pipes and blocked toilets in his or her lifetime. Working with drains doesn’t always have to be a job performed due to an emergency. Our professional Wellington plumbing and drainlaying services are expansive and sometimes quite exciting, especially in the two [...]


New year, new Wastewater Treatment System 

The PlumbSpec like to start our first article of 2020 by wishing our readers a safe and happy New Year! Whether you’re building or renovating your home in the New Year (or new decade, for that matter) we’d like to encourage you to consider a few more convenient and environmentally [...]

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