Refrigerator leaking water?

There’s no better surprise than waking up to a puddle of water at the bottom of your refrigerator. With refrigerators running around the clock, it’s common for parts to deteriorate and corrode. Unfortunately, a leaking fridge can strike at any time, even if your fridge is fairly new.   Regardless [...]


Get your Plumbing ready for autumn in 5 simple steps

If you're like us you may have recently noticed that temperatures are dropping, evenings are approaching dawn quicker and streets are filled with beautiful golden leaves - all signs that autumn is here and winter is literally around the corner.  But, before winter fully hits us Wellingtonians, the team at [...]


Could bath bombs be clogging your drains?

Who doesn’t love a good bath? For most of us, it’s the ultimate stress relief after a busy day at the office or managing the kids. An explosion of colours, soothing floral scents, and the calming warm water, we feel relaxed just thinking about it. But, have you ever wondered [...]


3 plumbing features to inspect before buying a new home

Buying a home is an exciting but big step. There are countless things to consider, manage, and prepare for. Amidst all the excitement and stress, it is often common for prospective buyers to forget less obvious aspects of a new home. One being, the home's plumbing system.  Plumbing issues are [...]


How to prepare your plumbing for the holidays

It’s the season to be merry, for Christmas is soon approaching! The merry season means more of everything. More food, more kitchen wastage, more visitors around and not mention all that extra washing. But, in the midst of that have you ever thought about your poor plumbing? Probably not. All [...]


Eeek…a Wellington plumbing emergency!

There’s nothing worse than being unexpectedly greeted with a plumbing emergency. From broken pipes to overflowing toilets, plumbing emergencies don’t take long before they become disastrous. Typical plumbing emergencies can leave people feeling panicked, but knowing what to do in such situations is key. In this month’s blog post, our [...]


Installing an Outdoor sink? No worries for our Wellington Plumbers

Summer is right around the corner which means barbecue season is back! New Zealand’s favourite pastime means more afternoons and evenings will be spent outdoors cooking, entertaining and the kids running around with bunch-o-balloons.  It’s rare to find a kiwi family that doesn’t own a BBQ. Most Kiwi’s believe having [...]

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