There appears to be a new subdivision or townhouse development in every corner of Wellington these days. And projections show that more than 7000 new homes will be built in the Wellington region in the next two years!

With so many Wellington housing developments come more commercial plumbing projects which make our team at PlumbSpec beyond excited.

Our recent work with a local development company has seen our team work on a large townhouse estate in Whitby, Wellington. The Cleat Street townhouse development features 19 new townhouses. Each home required plumbing and drainage to be completed in the kitchen, laundry, hot water cylinders, and two bathrooms per home.

The PlumbSpec crew of five had their work cut out for them, especially during those cold Wellington winters, but they persevered and completed the job to a high standard.

Although this project did not require commercial gas fitting and heating systems, PlumbSpec is well experienced in the installation of heating and complex drain fitting requirements such as detention tanks, aqua pods, and pump stations. Not only that, but Plumbspec has extensive working experience with local councils and Wellington Water when it comes to public drainage, new water tobies, and sewer connection.

PlumbSpec is proud to work alongside developers and construction companies to deliver high-quality projects. Our mission is to take the stress out of your project by delivering a complete plumbing project management package, from pipework design to a top-quality fit-off.

Our extensive experience and end-to-end service allow you to focus on the things that are important to you, in the knowledge that your task will be completed efficiently and to the best possible standard. Send us your project plans and our team will promptly get a free, no-obligation proposal back to you.