Did you know that clogged drains are the most common plumbing issue that homeowners face? In addition to being costly, an obstruction or blockage can be inconvenient, especially if it occurs in your home’s bathroom or kitchen. Fortunately, there are a few clear signs that your drains need the professional help of a Wellington plumber.

Three common signs of a clogged drain

Sight: Slow draining water

Imagine this: You’ve finished your meal and you’re about to wash up. Turning the tap off, you notice that the water accumulated in the sink is draining very very v e r r y slow as time passes.

This is an early warning sign that your drainage system could be blocked. The Plumbspec plumbers have seen it all. Food scraps, hair, and even small objects such as toys can be obstructing your drainage causing slow drainage of water. Addressing the problem now can prevent further costs down the line. If you suspect a slow-drain call a plumber promptly before the problem gets worse. Many times, homeowners will turn a blind eye, but ignoring the problem can cause the blockage to work its way deeper into your drainage system, causing a bigger problem. Be proactive and don’t ignore slow draining water.


Smell: Ew what is that smell?

Most people don’t pay much attention to their drains until something unpleasant happens. And a lot of times, that unpleasant event is a homeowner questioning “what is that smell?” If you’ve ever questioned yourself it’s most likely that your drains are experiencing a bacteria or gunk build-up. Over time the accumulation of food, grease, hair particles, and bath products can block the pipe and make it difficult for water to drain.

 Our plumbers at PlumbSpec have seen and worked with smelly drains before. So, if you’re feeling a bit embarrassed, don’t be. Foul smells from drains are a common occurrence for most households. It’s best to address the smell as soon as you notice it.


Hear: Gurgling Sounds

Another easy way to identify whether your drains are clogged can be through listening to its sound. If your drains are giving you a concert of gurgling noises, it could be due to air being trapped in a pipe. And if that’s the case, the source of the issue could be a clog or a problem with your main sewer line. An issue with your main sewer line is a serious problem and it’s probably best you get this one sorted with a professional and experienced plumber.

Professional plumbing services in Wellington

If you’ve suffered from one of these problems or you feel as if you have a potential drain clog on your hands, it’s probably time for a professional assessment. Turn to the professional plumbers at PlumbSpec. A member of our Wellington plumbing team will work through your plumbing system to locate the exact source of the issue and rectify any problems. Talk to us today about your household plumbing on 0800 232 650