A Wellington plumbing emergency can get ugly fast – faster than you can say ‘Plumbspec’. With water rushing through your pipes at alarming rates, a burst pipe or overflowing toilet could see your stuff soaked in a matter of seconds! Unfortunately for homeowners and tenants, a plumbing emergency in Wellington will require immediate action without delay. If you need an urgent plumbing repair in Wellington then we can help!

Here’s an idea of the type of plumbing emergencies we handle most commonly, just in case you ever find yourself in a sticky situation:


Overflowing toilets

When your toilet decides to turn itself into a flooding fountain you’re looking at a classic plumbing emergency. If things have gone beyond a basic DIY plunge then we’ll most likely be dealing with an issue with the toilet’s water shutoff valve. These can deteriorate over time and become hard to turn or stuck entirely.

It’s up to your Wellington plumber to keep these valves in working order to avoid any toilet fountains springing up in your bathroom!


Broken water supply lines

Does everyone in your home know where they should rush to turn off the water main supply in case of emergency? Take a moment as a flat or family to make everyone aware of where exactly your home’s water supply can be shut off, and whether or not it requires a special tool such as a wrench to do so (always keep this close to the valve – just in case).


Leaking water heater

Looking at your big, tough hot water tank, one wouldn’t imagine such a contraption could burst so easily…but they do, and more often than you’d expect! When hot water tanks rupture, you’re in for a wild wave of water. The best thing you can do in a situation like this is immediately shut off the water inlet valve at the top to ensure fresh water isn’t going to keep flowing in to your burst tank.


Next, get dialing your emergency Wellington plumber so we can be on our way to save the day!