Australia’s evil ex ‘Debbie’ has taken up residence in New Zealand this week, and the effects have been pretty chaotic. While we generally expect a decent amount of rainfall in the Autumn/Winter months, an ex-cyclone has given us a lot more than we bargained for.This blog will inform you about severe weather and the effect it has on your plumbing:

Heavy rainfall and your drains

Heavy rainfall can do a lot more than slow your commute in the morning and evening. Flooding – in addition to being a huge, wet inconvenience – can actually place a terrible amount of pressure on your your Wellington plumbing. While water can do damage over long periods of time, flood water can deal that damage immediately during severe weather spells.

How will flooding affect my drains?

As your lawn becomes saturated with water, the soil and rock below will shift around your pipework, causing strain on your drains. With all the movement and pressure, your pipes could be crushed, cracked, or bent completely out of working order. If they do get cracked, then that dirty water – as well as a myriad of other harmful debris – can work its way into the waterworks and cause a lot of unwanted trouble.  

Is there anything else I should be worried about?

Basements, of course! Severe wet weather can work water through to your basement in ways you wouldn’t even begin to imagine. Water will either build up above your basement and – possibly – leak through any windows or exterior entrances, or it will put pressure on your basement walls until they weaken and crack; making way for pesky leaks.

Need help?

If the severe weather of late has caused a plumbing emergency in your area, then we can certainly help. Get in touch with the team at PlumbSpec today! Our experienced team of master plumbers will be there to fix your flooded, damaged drains so that they’re ready to withstand this weather and any floods of the future.