Moving into level 2 is going to see a substantial influx of people streaming into your school, store, restaurant or office. Before the crowds are well and truly ‘back to normal’, and things are as busy as they were before COVID-19, we think it would be wise to make the most of this time to attend to your commercial plumbing and drainage in Wellington. Here’s the thing: you’ve got a golden opportunity in the form of a window of time where people (plumbers) are technically allowed to carry out work in your commercial building, but crowds (employees, customers, clients) are still not allowed to gather in droves on your premises. 

Now is the absolute perfect time to see to all your long-awaited plumbing maintenances and additions. Less people, more space for plumbing work to be carried out (legally). 

Wondering what sort of services you can arrange for your commercial plumbing project in Wellington? We’ll let you know in today’s article. 

Our commercial plumbing services at a glance 

Over 30+ years of service as trustworthy Wellington plumbers, we’ve serviced a number of commercial buildings in manners of plumbing, gasfitting, drainage and renovation. Wondering what a day in the life of a Wellington commercial plumber might be like? Here are just a few examples of our previous commercial renovations and maintenance contracts we’ve carried out lately…

  • Installing an oil and grit separator for a carwash yard in a confined space
  • Plumbing requirements for dog care centres, cafes and restaurants
  • Redesigning and installing new pipework and fittings in multiple tenant buildings
  • New Commercial Projects
  • We recently completed two large conference centres which involved some heavy duty drainage and plumbing pipework to accommodate 118 sanitary fittings in one building and 73 in another.

Naturally, each project was completed to a very high standard and in our signature professional and timely fashion. We are so pleased to report that the contracts were a total success! 

If you’re keen to reach out for Wellington plumbing quote, the certified master plumbers at PlumbSpec are experienced, prepared and ready to go! Make the most of the level 2 window and get your plumbing project in Wellington squared away today!