The lockdown has provided some lifechanging insights for homeowners. There’s a lot of maintenance involved in keeping a home shipshape, and when you’re spending more time indoors, you’ll notice now, more than ever, if any outstanding work needs to be done to ensure the safety and comfort of anyone living in your house. 

Nowhere is this more significantly shown than in the functionality and form of your Wellington plumbing design. With more showers, more dishwashing, more toilet flushing and more hand washing come a more intense impact on your drains. There will be a sudden and very noticible need for a fast, efficient and effective water system. The extra pressure on your Wellington plumbing has probably highlighted a few areas in need of immediate improvement. In today’s article, we’ll outline a few that you might have already noticed in your Wellington home. 


Hot water 

We’re willing to bet that more than one fight has broken out in your home over someone using up all the hot water. Fights for minutes of hot water needn’t happen – it simply takes a visit from a Wellington plumbing professional to inspect and indeed improve your hot water system. You might need a Wellington hot water system replacement or just a little fix here or there. Whatever the case, hot water repairs in Wellington are an excellent way to improve your quality of life, add value to your home, spare your family unnecessary fights, and might just save you money on your power bill as your hot water system won’t have to work so hard to heat your water. 


Bad smells, clogs and other such nasty things 

It’s the little niggling things that make life at home practically unbearable. Things like lingering foul smells in the toilet room, shower drains that take too long to empty, and sinks that can’t quite seem to drain that dishwater. Worse still are the rooms that smell damp and mouldy, with little green dots forming on the walls, roof and carpet. 

All of these signs spell out a home’s need for Wellington plumbing maintenance. A lot of these fixes won’t require anything fancy – just a declogging or simple pipe replacement here or there. The sooner you call your trusted Wellington master plumber to see to these issues, the better. Trust us on that one – things might be cheap to fix now, and you’ll see more enjoyment in your home if you do tend to repairs sooner rather than later. 


Would you like to see more lessons that the lockdown has taught us about the importance of Wellington plumbing maintenance? Stay tuned next month for the second part of this important blog. You won’t want to miss it!