There’s no better surprise than waking up to a puddle of water at the bottom of your refrigerator. With refrigerators running around the clock, it’s common for parts to deteriorate and corrode. Unfortunately, a leaking fridge can strike at any time, even if your fridge is fairly new.


Regardless of your particular issue, there’s no need to freak out. Often a leaking fridge can be fixed without calling a repairman. With the correct information, there’s a good chance you won’t have to break the bank or bust out any fancy tools either. Here’s a guide that will help you to diagnose the root cause of your leaky refrigerator.


Ice Maker

Your refrigerator’s ice maker is usually connected to an external water-line connection. This external waterline is not the strongest thing around. It’s susceptible to cracks, tears, and kinks. To check your external waterline:

  • Unplug your refrigerator & pull it out of the cavity space.
  • Locate the transparent plastic tubing on the back & bottom of your fridge.

According to the severity at hand, you can either patch up the crack with adhesive or, you can replace the waterline. Depending on the structural layout of your home you may need to seek a local Wellington plumbing professional to replace the waterline for you.


Drain Pan

The drain pan at the bottom of your refrigerator normally collects a small amount of water which then evaporates over time. It is not normal for water to escape the pan.

If the leak is coming from either the front or the back of the refrigerator follow these steps:

  • Remove the cover panel at the bottom of the refrigerator
  • Check the pan for any cracks, tears, or misplacement
  • Check that the refrigerator is leveled. If your refrigerator is wobbly this may cause water to overspill.


Defrost drain

A blocked defrost drain is one of the most common causes of water leaking from your refrigerator. Drain openings are easily blocked by food particles and ice. To locate the drain, check the bottom back interior of your fridge. When your fridge defrosts, ice turns into water and travels down the drain. But, when the drain is frozen or blocked, water accumulates and starts to leak from your fridge.

  • Remove food items from your fridge and inspect the defrost drain carefully.
  • To help unblock the drain you can pour warm water into the drain.


If a poor plumbing connection is the cause of your leaking fridge, the Wellington Plumbers at Plumbspec are here to help. We will assist you with a comprehensive check and repair. Getting in touch as soon as possible will help to prevent extensive water damage in your home and avoid expensive repairs.

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