As we find ourselves layering up a lot more than usual, it’s safe to say that Wellington’s famously bitter winter has returned for another season. After spending a lot of extra time at home, there’s a really good chance you’ve been thinking seriously about your heating system. It might be out of date and ineffective, it might be costing you more money than its worth. Whatever the case, we’re sure you’ll be better off with gas, and here’s why…


Wellington Gas Heating: always the better option 

Wellington gas heating is the fastest and most effective way to heat any home. Gas doesn’t only warm a home like a heatpump or fireplace, it also heats up your water and provides fuel for the fire of your gas-top stove. There’s a reason why they say ‘now you’re cooking with gas’. It really is a better way to do things, and, fortunately for you, our expert Wellington plumbers also happen to be expert Wellington gas fitting specialists! We are ready and able to install your Wellington gas heating now. 


More benefits of gas-fitting in Wellington 

  • Gas is gatural and clean-burning 
  • Gas will save you loads on your next power bill 
  • Unlike an electric heating element, gas maintains its heat without requiring any spikes in energy just to warm up
  • Once gas heats something up, it retains the warmth steadily without requiring extra power
  • You can enjoy hot water at the snap of a finger (no more running the tap for ages, or suddenly finding yourself having a freezing cold shower) 


Our Exciting Gasfitting Deal!

Our team of certified Wellington gasfitting professionals are ready to tackle your gas fitting in time for winter. What’s more, we’ve taken the hefty expense out of gasfitting your new home with our famous PlumSpec Fixed Rate Offer: regardless of the size of the house, you’ll get a great fixed rate deal when you book your Wellington gas fitting installation for your new home with PlumbSpec! For reliable, prompt and professional gasfitting services, leave it to PlumbSpec. 


With 30 years worth of experience up our sleeves, we are sure to complete your project by the deadline with no hidden costs.