You’ll be amazed at how effective a few simple home remedies can be in maintaining healthy drains. You won’t be needing to constantly call on your Wellington plumber at PlumbSpec if you stay on top of drain cleaning with these tips and tricks..

Heating things up

Boiling water goes a long way when it comes to keeping your drains clean and clear. For this tip, you’ll need to attend to the drains in your home that don’t see a lot of hot water (and we mean very hot). Think of drains such as your bathroom sink and shower: both receive huge amounts of soapy water, toothpaste and shaving foam. With water never being hot enough to break up the buildup in these pipes, they’re often the quickest to form blockages.

To avoid build up in your pipes: boil the jug and pour it down your drains – even down your toilet! Do this at least once a week to break down and boil away any nasty, potentially-pipe-blocking buildup.

Cooling things down

If you’re running your garbage disposal, it can be tempting to ‘help things along’ by flushing this pipe with some hot water…but this is going to prove more problematic to your pipe. Boiling water breaks the oils and food down, sure, but only so that they might better liquify and coat the blades and pipe in an extremely hard-to-clear layer of pipe-blocking scum. When you send your scraps down the garbage guzzler, we recommend running cold water simultaneously to ensure the scraps and oils solidify and hold their shape while going down the drain.


Have things gone beyond home remedies and starting to look like a Wellington plumbing emergency? Get in touch with the team at PlumbSpec today! We’ll have your drains clean, cleared and good as new so you and your family can have a second shot at practicing these good plumbing habits.