BioCycle Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems are coming to Wellington and we are the Capital’s officially recognised installation team! That’s right, the Wellington plumbing and drainage professionals at PlumbSpec are going to be your dream team for all things BioCycle; a revolutionary aerated wastewater treatments system.

This lean, clean home sewerage machine is an absolute marvel of sanitary engineering. In today’s blog, we’d like to proudly introduce the Biocycle system and give you a rundown of the benefits it’ll offer you should you chose to have our team of Wellington plumbers install one.


Founded on nature: a futureproof design

When you base a design on the simple (yet effective) laws of nature, you usually end up with a more environmentally friendly and effective system. This much is true for the design of the BioCycle domestic system: inspired by nature and backed by sound science.

The BioCycle wastewater treatment systems digest your solid waste and uses a controlled natural process to purify the wastewater. This clean, odourless, disinfected water is then recycled through garden drippers or sprinklers or through sub surface irrigation system.

Under the old-fashioned septic tank conditions all the water used in your house was fed through a septic tank to gravel pits and then wasted.

The BioCycle natural process method for treating sewage and sullage from domestic residential dwellings is based on the age-old principle of separating solids from liquids allowing anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) to digest the waste.

This natural process of treatment, apart from a mild disinfection, has provided a cost-effective means to dispose of wastewater.

BioCycle Australia


A popular pick nationally and internationally

Te BioCycle domestic wastewater system is the world’s most popular Aerated Wastewater Treatment System in the world! More locally, you’ll find this popular system spotted all around New Zealand – it is accepted enthusiastically by all local authorities, and is widely considered to be a reliable sewage disposal system. There are now over 20,000 domestic Biocycle units installed and in operation around the world.


Who will install my BioCycle System?

The highly-skilled and professionally trained team at PlumbSpec are experienced and equipped to install the BioCycle system in Wellington. The system is highly-technical, and only performs as well as the installation it has received, so it pays to invest in a professional installation to avoid complications down the line.

For more information on the BioCycle system, head to this page, or get in touch here.