Designing a new home is an exciting and often complicated event. With so many elements to consider under your one umbrella budget and timeframe, it helps to be as informed as possible when making decisions about your design. One such decision (of probably the most importance) is your Wellington plumbing design. 

Few people place enough importance or stay informed enough to confidently handle plumbing design for new homes in Wellington. We’re here to amend this lapse of knowledge and help your new build go a little more smoothly with our new home buyer’s guide to plumbing design. 

The basics

Plumbing itself is a simple concept: water enters the home; water exits the home. Where the water enters and at what speed, heat and amount is where it gets a little complicated. Where it goes when it has been used and dirtied is more complex still. 

A professional Wellington plumber will take your architectural plans and produce an additional plumbing design to ensure water flows exactly as it should behind the scenes of your new build. It’s important that your plumber should be approached as early as possible in the house design process so we can ensure all your plumbing is doable and most efficient. We want to save you as much money as possible on water heating and management while ensuring your Wellington pipework performs for a long, healthy time. 


Not quite at the plumbing stage yet? Here are some tips to consider before putting that layout plan together with your architect… 

Plan wisely: if possible, ensure your bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are within close proximity to each other to reduce the length at which piping will need to be installed and the distance at which water will need to travel. There’s a good reason why people install sinks parallel to each other behind kitchen and bathroom walls, or why small single toilet rooms are parked right beside bathrooms – the closer the pipework, the more efficient and affordable the flow! 

Go green: eco-friendly Wellington plumbing designs and materials might cost a little more in the present, but their future payoff will astound you. There are thousands of dollars in power bills to be saved by simply investing in smarter plumbing materials when you first design and construct your home, so chat to a Wellington plumbing professional and see what options might work for you and your build.