A good loo will last for a long time, but no loo was ever meant to flush forever. It’s important for homeowners to consider their toilet to be an appliance like any other in the home: a tool with a life expectancy that unfortunately means it’ll eventually find its final flush. There are two solutions on offer for a broken or blocked toilet in Wellington: either a Wellington plumber must repair the loo, or it must be replaced entirely. Should you wish to avoid either, simply ensure that a plumber in Wellington performs at least a few maintenance checks on your home’s plumbing every few years.

If you haven’t had a professional Wellington plumbing inspection for a while, keep an eye on your loo and look out for these warning signs of a finished flusher…


A regular clogged toilet emergency in Wellington

If you find yourself constantly calling a Wellington plumber to cater to your blocked or broken loo, that’s the first and most obvious sign that you might need a replacement. In some cases, you might even find that your bathroom plumbing needs to be repaired or updated. While these early warning signs might cost a bit to repair, wouldn’t you rather replace a drain than an entire set of walls in the event of a Wellington plumbing emergency due to a burst pipe?


A slow and ineffective flush

Once again a slow and altogether useless flush might be a sign of issues within or beyond your toilet, but the loo is a great place to start when investigating such a case. It might just be a common Wellington plumbing problem where a simple repair will be made to your toilet individually. In worse cases, we might need to inspect your drains and find the cause of the slowed water. All with be revealed when our team of Wellington Master plumbers are on the job!


A non-stop flush or leak

Do you find that your toilet trickles for long periods of time after a flush? This is a dreadful and inefficient waste of water, and one that you might be paying for unnecessarily. If your toilet trickles, flushes for too long or makes any sort of bubbling sound well after a flush, let the master Wellington plumbers at PlumbSpec have a look at the loo and see about repairing or replacing it for you.