A professional Wellington plumber sees more than just burst pipes and blocked toilets in his or her lifetime. Working with drains doesn’t always have to be a job performed due to an emergency. Our professional Wellington plumbing and drainlaying services are expansive and sometimes quite exciting, especially in the two cases that we’ll be discussing today… 



Wellington Bathroom Installations

Be it a fixer-upper or a brand new construction project, a fresh bathroom installation will require our professional Wellington plumbing expertise. Bathrooms, unfortunately, aren’t a DIY project. For a successful, future-proof bathroom installation, you’ll need the work to be carried out by a team with proper plumbing and drainage training. 

When it comes to anything plumbing related, you simply can’t beat the experts at PlumbSpec:

  • Unlike your average DIY Joe, we’ve got ample experience in being able to ‘see into the future’ in terms of your property’s plumbing maintenance needs. We know what your home will need for your plumbing to last a lifetime. 
  • If we find any damage or potential for future damage in your drains while preparing our installation, we’ll be able to fix these glitches straight away – no extra calls necessary!
  • If anything could go wrong with your Wellington drains, you’ve got the experts available and on-site to perform emergency repairs. 
  • We’re plumbing design experts. If we see the potential for a better plumbing configuration, we’ll inform you and install accordingly.


Wellington Appliance Installations

Beyond our more intense Wellington drainage services, we’re also always available to help you install appliances. Things like washing machines, dishwashers and spa pools can be a little tricky to figure out on your own. Not to worry, because our Wellington plumbing experts are on the job! Installing appliances in Wellington is easy for an expert, but tough for the untrained. Rather than punching unnecessary holes in your walls or poorly connecting pipes (that lead to future Wellington plumbing emergencies), simply leave it to our team of talented pros.