Summer is right around the corner which means barbecue season is back! New Zealand’s favourite pastime means more afternoons and evenings will be spent outdoors cooking, entertaining and the kids running around with bunch-o-balloons. 

It’s rare to find a kiwi family that doesn’t own a BBQ. Most Kiwi’s believe having the standard BBQ grill on your deck or patio is a must. But, have you ever considered adding a small sink nearby? Installing an outdoor sink allows you to prepare your meals and cleanup afterwards without the need to run back and forth, saving time. Not to mention a handy addition to store iced drinks for a summer party. 

You may have been halted by the thought of; Well… how would we plumb that? Figuring out a way to plumb an outdoor sink is challenging but not impossible for our Wellington plumbers at Plumbspec. Depending on the design and location of your outdoor sink there are several plumbing options we can offer to make your dreams a reality. 

Outdoor Kitchens are still emerging in New Zealand, but across the ditch our cousins are doing them well. With full fledged outdoor modular kitchens to a cozy patio setups, the Aussies are making outdoor kitchens a must. Most Aussie outdoor kitchens consist of a BBQ grill, a sink, bench space for food preparation and some even have bar fridges. The possibilities are truly endless.

Wellington Plumbers aren’t usually called to install an outdoor kitchen sink but, at Plumbspec we love doing specialist jobs. This means anything you desire in terms of plumbing we would love to make happen. Plus, the fact that outdoor kitchens are still quite unique in New Zealand will mean that your home is unlike anyone else’s on the block.  

If you need specialist advice on how to plumb your outdoor sink or, with another project you’re working on, call us today so that you can be ready for summer.