Wellington has seen some truly chilly days of late. If you’re starting to consider more effective means by which to heat your home, we would recommend Wellington Gas Heating. Gas is the fastest and most effective way to heat your home. Gas warms a home, heats up your water and provides flames upon which to cook if you happen to have a gas-top stove.

If you’re tired of showers running out of hot water and you’re finished with frozen feet in the morning, read on!

Benefits of gas in your Wellington home

Natural, clean-burning gas will save you loads when it comes time to pay your next power bill. Unlike an electric heating element, gas maintains its heat without requiring any spikes in energy just to warm up and retain that warmth. You can enjoy hot water at the snap of a finger. Best of all, that water will stay hot for longer without requiring extra energy to do so. More heat, less fuss. Now you’re cooking with gas!

Our Exciting Gasfitting Deal!

Our team of certified Wellington gasfitting professionals are ready to tackle your gas fitting in time for winter. What’s more, we’ve taken the hefty expense out of gasfitting your new home with our famous PlumSpec Fixed Rate Offer: regardless of the size of the house, you’ll get a great fixed rate deal when you book your Wellington gas fitting installation for your new home with PlumbSpec! For reliable, prompt and professional gasfitting services, leave it to PlumbSpec. With 30 years worth of experience up our sleeves, we are sure to complete your project by the deadline with no hidden costs to bite you in the nose (that’s Jack Frost’s job anyway).