Some of the most common Wellington plumbing problems we work with weekly are appliance related repairs and flooding situations. With this being the case and with a New Year to kick off, we thought it would be about time to share a few appliance care and maintenance tips with you. Let’s keep your appliances running happing so that you can enjoy a fresh New Year without having to make a Wellington plumbing emergency call!


Appliance enemy #1: water

Ironically, our country’s naturally mineral-rich water packs a nasty punch on our pipework. Our washing machines (be they for dishes or clothing) are constantly running this water through their Wellington plumbing, which results in a build-up of machine-blocking calcium. Nasty indoor floods can occur when this precarious pipework is blocked, breaks and spills water throughout your interior.

An at-home tip you can try to combat this calcium is to simply run your washing machines once every few months without any powder, dishes or clothes. Just water. White vinegar and a very hot cycle work well too. These should be considered temporary fixes though in regards to very old washing machines or dishwashers.

The most effective way to avoid such water damage dilemmas is to have your Wellington plumber pop around once every year for a routine checkup. An appliance checkup is cheap and simple – a major flooding repair is not! Save yourself the drama and get a Wellington plumbing checkup done in 2019.


Summer care: avoid a stinky sauna

Have you ever made the awful mistake of leaving a load of wet washing in your machine on a hot summer’s day? In addition to an unpleasant smell, this mistake can actually have a negative impact on your machine. With moisture trapped in the machine for days, you’ll transfer that lingering smell to other loads of washing, all the while encouraging a growth of nasty bacteria within your poor washing machine. The same can be said for your dishwasher, too – be sure to empty both machines as soon as possible while the weather is warm and ripe for bacteria breeding.


Have you got any appliance related questions or concerns? Drop a line to your trusty Wellington plumbing experts at Plumbspec Wellington.