With New Zealander’s entering back into a COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, we know the strain on your home’s plumbing, drainage and heating systems will be more than usual.

Additional use of such systems can lead to various failures. Thankfully, the team at Plumbspec can come to the rescue.

Under Level 4 restrictions, plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers are all considered essential services. However, it is important to note that our team can only attend to truly essential jobs.

Essential Jobs

In simple terms, an essential job can be considered as a job that should be immediately attended to. There are several circumstances where this may apply, some of which include:

  • Where an immediate threat to people’s health and safety is present.
  • Where sanitation is compromised.
  • Where basic essential needs are affected (food, water, or warmth).
  • Where substantial damage or further threats could occur.

If you are unsure if your job is deemed as an essential service, do not hesitate in giving the team at Plumbspec a call. Before making a call, we do ask that you review the various circumstances which determine whether a job is essential.

For the safety of your bubble and our team’s you should ask yourself whether:

  • The job can be mended with a temporary and safe solution.
  • Your job can wait until the lockdown is over.
  • Your job is worth risking others entering your property and your bubble?

Once you’ve been in contact, our team of professionals will assess whether we can safely attend to your job.

Attending your essential job

During lockdown restrictions, our professionals will abide by the 2-meter physical distancing rule and come dressed in personal protective equipment. The safety of our customers and our employees is paramount. Please do not be offended if your job is turned down. The team at Plumbspec must follow government rules and ensure that we can safely carry out work.

Lastly, whatever you do please do not attempt to fix any failures yourself. Attempting DIY work may seem like a good choice but in the long run, it can cause more damage than good. When in doubt please feel free to call us on 0800 232 650

Stay safe New Zealand.