A good loo lasts a long time, but not a lifetime. Toilets aren’t designed to flush forever, but there are plenty of good plumbing practices you can put into place to ensure your potty performs for as long as possible. In today’s Wellington master plumber article, we’ll discuss a few common issues we run into with loos, and how we can try to keep your toilet flushing well into the future. 


An unpleasant sewage smell

An awful odor can be caused by any number of Wellington plumbing issues. It’s not always easy to DIY this sort of investigation, so it pays to get a professional Wellington plumber to inspect your toilet thoroughly to quickly and effectively pinpoint and repair the source of the problem. 

Here are a few possible problems your Wellington plumbing expert might uncover upon inspecting your loo: 

  • The water in your toilet might have evaporated. This commonly occurs in rarely used toilets, such as the ones in your garage or guest room.
  • Damaged wax sealing around the ring under your toilet could be another cause, as it can allow sewer gas to leak into the bathroom. Hint: if your toilet rocks when you sit on it, there’s a good chance you’ve found the source of the odor! 
  • A clogged plumbing vent can be another nasty smell creating cause. Plumbing vents can be clogged by leaves, mud and gravel. 


Never-ending clogging

Do you have to keep a plunger by your toilet? Do you use it more than once a week? If you’re constantly unclogging your toilet and you can’t quite seem to get it working for more than a week or two, it’s likely time for a professional assessment. A Wellington plumbing expert will either replace your toilet, or will work through your plumbing system to locate the exact source of the issue. Wherever the damage might be, we’ll make sure that you’re getting a good, consistent and reliable flush going forward.