Just between you and Plumbspec, we’re going to let you in on a little secret…summer is the quiet season for Plumbers in Wellington! Why? Well, in addition to most of New Zealand headed hither and thither for a few weeks of the summer holidays, there’s one huge factor that defines the busy and quiet season for plumbing in New Zealand…


Get your drains done while Wellington is dry! 

The winter and spring rainy season is the wet and wild arch nemesis of your drainage system. Folks have our phones ringing off the hook with flooding emergencies in Wellington during the winter and spring months. If you end up with a busted drain or a flooding emergency in the winter, there’s a chance you might be put on a waiting list, and won’t get the help of your favorite Wellington plumbing team at Plumbspec! 

Summer and early Autumn are our quiet seasons, of course, because the days are long, hot, and dry. There’s little likelihood of flooding, but the dry weather can be a silent killer for your poor pipework nonetheless. 

The dry weather can cause the pipes in your storm water system to be brittle and compromised, so when the rainy season eventually hits you’ll wish that this had been brought to your attention sooner! 

Save yourself drama preemptively and call us up for a checkup while it’s easy, breezy, and warm! 

While we’re at it, why wait until an emergency anyways? 

Exactly. Why wait until the winter for a plumbing emergency to crop up at all? Give the team at Plumbspec a call while there’s little chance of a wait. 

Folks spend their summer catching up on cosmetic odd jobs on their homes such as painting, polishing, gardening and staining…so why should your drains go neglected? Leave them to the team at Plumbspec, and enjoy a clean, safe and sanitary home for years to come! Free from drainage drama.