We’ve had some miserable weather here in the capital lately! While a few weeks of heavy rainfall can be a bit of a pain on your way to work in the morning, the real victims of this relentless weather are our Wellington drains! In this blog, we specifically address areas in Wellington that see a lot of water pooling up on or around the road, and on or around your garden. This might not look like a Wellington plumbing emergency, but it has all the potential to become one! How? We’ll let you know in today’s blog! 

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your gardens, read this! 

If heavy rainfall transforms your garden into a series of ponds that just don’t seem to drain away, you might be in for a rude shock when you find out what all this extra water weight has done to your Wellington plumbing! Stormwater-saturated gardens tend to bow under the weight of all that pooling water, putting damaging pressure on your drains that can either shift them out of place or crack right through them! 
Damaged pipes can range in severity from any of the following: 
  • pesky leaks that either slow or slightly pollute your water as foreign matter ends up in your drains
  • shifted pipes stop water from flowing precisely where it should (to or from your home) 
  • full-on Wellington plumbing emergencies occur, causing flooding in and around your house as stormwater spews forth from burst pipes (and mixes with the pooling rainwater)

Wow…when it rains,  it really does pour! 

Is water pooling in your garden? Think you might have an eminent Wellington plumbing emergency on your hands? Give our team a call ASAP!

Don’t wait for an invitation from winter! Fixing your drains after the next big Wellington storm will be a lot more costly than a simple inspection while things are still dry enough to assess! 

Give the team at Plumbspec a call today: our experts have years of experience as trusted Wellington plumbers – we’ve seen it all! Don’t wait for a rainy day to get your Wellington plumbing serviced or fixed, let an expert from Plumbspec Wellington prepare you for this and many winters to come!