Nothing sells a home like a freshly installed bathroom. The property market is heating up over summer, so now’s your chance to get one up on the other Wellington properties by installing a beautiful new bathroom into your home.

Before you get stuck in, there are a few important factors to consider, ranging from the fit of the floors to the type of toilet you’d like installed. Then, beyond the realm of fitting and fixtures, you have the ever-important underground workings: the plumbing. You might have the most luxurious toilet seat in the history of the universe, but if your pipework is in shambles then consider your bathroom a flop!

Professional plumbing in Wellington is what makes or breaks a bathroom, and here’s what it takes to get yours in fit-for-sale shape:

Pick the right Wellington plumber

Plumbspec offers you a team of practiced plumbers who have been professionally installing bathrooms in Wellington for years!  It should go without saying that our team of veteran Wellington plumbers are perfect for your bathroom renovation job.

A good, reliable plumber will ensure an install that will be totally future proof: with pipework that is neatly placed and fittings and fixtures to fall in love with. Your perfect plumber will also offer seasoned advice on your renovation project: the team at Plumbspec pride themselves on an honest job with no corner-cutting!

If you are on the lookout for a professional plumber, we recommend doing a little research prior. Investigate your plumber’s review page before asking for a quote. If your plumber has an array of positive feedback and a reasonable quote (one that isn’t suspiciously cheap) then you’ve found your man/woman!

Keep an eye on our blog page next month for Part 2: a continuation of our our bathroom renovation tips and tricks.