Professional bathroom installations are one of our specialities here at Plumbspec. We install Wellington bathrooms all over the city, and we’ve found that there’s one outstanding feature that a lot of homeowners choose to go without: the classic bathtub. Wellington bathroom installations seem to be all about efficiency. They lack the comfort and cosiness that bathrooms used to capture in features like vanities and, of course, bathtubs. So, as your most trusted professional plumbing advisers in Wellington, we’re here to encourage you to consider a bathtub as an essential feature of your new home’s bathroom. Take a look at our points below to see why! 


Baths get you cleaner

While showers will get you plenty clean, they don’t actually break down and remove dead skin cells on your body. A bath gives you an opportunity to soak and soften dead skin cells, meaning that a simple scrub will clear them all away; leaving your skin fresh, new and radiant. This is an especially helpful feature for our feet, as standing in the shower doesn’t exactly give us an opportunity to rest and soak them thoroughly. So, for a better clean, opt for a bathtub. 


Baths are a form of therapy 

What better way to kick back and relax than in the tub? Having a bath is an experience; a time for privacy and reflection in warm, aromatic water with music, a good book, a couple of candles, or even a simple nap. With a bath to look forward to at the end of a long hard day or week, you’ll never regret the excellent Wellington plumbing installation investment! 


Attract buyers and renters with the added feature of a bathtub

A bath is an attractive asset in any home, and if you plan to sell or lease your property any time soon then you should absolutely consider installing one. Believe it or not, a bath can make or break a sale. Seeing that home has a bathroom that’s spacious enough for a bath is certainly a purchase/lease inspiring asset, and for any individual who is used to having one in previous living situations, a bath is an essential feature: they might not have any interest if a property doesn’t have one!